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Fishing Report

Updated February 17, 2017.

Cave Lake

Fall Stocking occurred 10/11 and 10/12 with a total of 10,268 Rainbow Trout. This brings the total of Rainbow Trout stocked into Cave Lake up to 24,549 Rainbow Trout in 2016. Ice thickness at Cave Lake is sitting at approximately 8-10 inches. Anglers should be safe throughout the lake. Powerbait, nightcrawlers, and mealworms should do well on Cave Lake.

Comins Lake

Comins Lake received 22,762 Rainbow Trout and 440 Brown Trout in 2016. With cold temperatures the last week of February, Comins Lake refroze and is partially open now. There are sections of open water in the north lake and in the south lake. No current measurement on ice thickness and all ice should be considered unsafe. The upcoming forecast should reopen more water to shoreline fishing. Road conditions around Comins Lake are still pretty muddy.

lllipah Reservoir

Illipah received 15,000 Rainbow Trout in 2016. The recent cold snap caused Illipah to refreeze but there are sections of open water. No current measurement on ice thickness and all ice should be considered unsafe. Similar to Comins Lake, the warm temperatures have brought about muddy conditions on the roads around Illipah Reservoir and the entire shoreline. If driving along the reservoir. The public should stick to areas with good gravel substrate to keep from getting stuck.

Coal Creek Reservoir

A total of 2,190 Rainbow Trout were planted on 4/13/2016 and received its fall allotment of 1518 Cuttbow Trout on 10/11/2016. The reservoir has increased its capacity of the last month and is sitting at approximately 85%. The lake is 100% open water with numerous trout rising.


Anglers be advised that receding ice along Illipah Reservoir might cause issue getting off the ice in the late morning and afternoon hours.


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